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What The?!?

May 6, 2010

Since my brand new laptop was stolen.  I haven’t really had the desire to write.  I went completely digital so I lost all of my poems, the outline and plans for the book I would like to write, along with my memories.  So I am pretty pissed about that.  However I am hopeful that they catch the a-hole and that my stuff is returned to me unharmed.  With that being said, posts will be few and far in between.

This leads me to ask why the hell break in to someones home and steal?  You can’t get a job to purchase nice things for yourself, but you are coward enough to kick in the door and make off with my electronics.  Times are hard, but don’t bring that to my doorstep.  I struggle enough and work hard so that I can take care of myself and provide for mines.  I don’t go around robbing people.

There is such a loss of morals and values in today’s society.  Turn on the radio, watch tv, look at our children and families.  It is so evident there is a social crisis, on top of economic and ecologic crisis.  What are we as a people going to do?  There is oil seeping into the ocean, killing life and food sources, not to mention polluting the one home we all have.  Finding and getting a job is not getting any easier for people.  Paying bills, putting gas in the car, clothes on my childs back, and keeping a roof over our heads is not an easy task, yet I do it with grace and dignity.

There are times I have cried myself to sleep worrying how I am going to get back in school while working and  pay tuition and still have time free for my child.  There are times when I go to bed hungry because I can’t use my last $20 on anything besides gas so that I can GET to work, yet still I handle my business.  I don’t ask, borrow, beg, NOR do I steal.

I make the best out of what I have, because I know this set back is only temporary.  I love myself and my life to risk stealing some crap from someone.  My daughter does not want for anything.  She has no idea the things I have to do and worry about to make sure she has fun and gets to do new things, and she shouldn’t; and never will.  That’s not her job as a child.

I am kind of jumping across the board here.  I just don’t understand the audacity of people these days.  I do hope that they make another arrest and I will gladly be at the trial to testify smiling at the perpetrator. 🙂



May 3, 2010

Life is but a journey.  Depending on your outlook on life depends the type of journey..better yet the way you look at things influences how things affect you.   I am at the best place right now.  After letting go, clearing out, and moving on.  Everything I wanted and needed just showed up.  I am grateful and feel so blessed because right now I feel like I am living, making strides, and I know I have grown and am stronger than I was yesterday. 

I have opened a new book in my life.  This book includes those that are closest to me and the activities that I cherish.  These last few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for me.  New and exciting!!!

I’m Back!!!!!

March 4, 2010

Although I should be asleep I just had to write something.  I got my new laptop today!!!  I can not believe I finally have one!!  I haven’t even gotten to play on it to see what all it could do.  The first thing I did was download itunes and did a complete restore on my phone.  I wiped everything and one out of there.  Me being the nice person that I am allowed some 2009 cut offs to make it into 2010.  I called myself giving people a ‘grace period’ with in that time I only saw the same old ish.  So I have now cut them off once more.  This time there is no going back. 

Anyway that is the least of my worries, next order of business is to register for school!!!!  That is the most exciting news I have had in a long time.  To finish my degree means the world to me.  Now that I actually have to opportunity to make my dreams reality, I am getting everything in order.  About to be set where I really don’t have to leave my house for anything, unless I want to go out.  I have everything I want and need and things are only getting better.

I am about to pass out!!  I am so sleepy. So GN and it’s great to be back!!!


March 1, 2010

I wish tomorrow were today. Laptop should be here. I can not wait I think I may have to take the day off so I don’t miss it. I haven’t been this excited in a while. My iPhone has held me down quite nicely but I need my laptop. First order of business to rip all the music from my CDs to it and install on my phone. I am considering doing another jailbreak but I’ll have to see. Then I want to get all of my pictures transferred a file and my picasa account. Boy oh boy what fun I will have. There are so many things for me to do and research and write!!!!!!

Love the Upgrade

February 8, 2010

This is awesome!! Got the update for the wordpress app and I can reply to comments!!! By the way the heat went out in my house today. Glad I have my little heater. The repair man will be here tomorrow. I’m all bundled up 😉


February 8, 2010

Just in case anyone is wondering, my computer has officially kicked the bucket.  I am currently shopping around for a new one and hope with in the next couple of weeks I will be back full force with writing and whatnot.  I haven’t been able to express myself like I want to so far, but in due time it is coming.  I have huge plans for my blog and see them coming to fruition.

Well readers that’s it for now.  Until next time…and so, I speak!!

Today’s Realization

February 8, 2010

Something inside me awakened today.  I feel that things are going to be just fine inspite of all that is going on.  A fire was lit up under me, so it is time for me to kick things in to high gear.  My life is what I dream, and what I dream is my life.  I know there are some hard things that lie before me, but as a wise woman told me today “you will get through this and you will be fine”.  With that in mind I am letting everything go.  Friends..well so called friends, ex relationships.  Pretty much anything that is not good for me.

I have a habit of not seeing what is in front of me, so I had to take a step back, take a deep breath, and seriously regroup.  I felt myself coming unhinged and now I can move forward knowing where my weak links once existed.  I have a good life right here where i am at.  I refuse to allow the devil or anyone else to take away what I have worked hard to get.

My heart and mind are sacred and I will continue to treat them as such.  Starting back with my yoga and meditation practice.  Building my aromatherapy enterprise, continuing school….I know what the future holds for me and it is bright indeed.  I am so glad to be in the company of good people.  Once I let go I fell and someone caught me and pulled me back up.