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A Good Morning

August 12, 2010

This morning I realized the nightmare was over.

I am alive, through it all.

I am awake, and able.

So much to be thankful and grateful for!!

I am having a mental block.  Not able to think outside the box, haven’t been writing, painting, creating, let’s face it I haven’t been doing or thinking.  I have been stuck in the place, only realizing it now.  First,it is a good thing that I see it; now what to do about it.  Looking at the aftermath of the most recent downfall, where does the clean up begin?

I see I have work to do.  It is imperative to keep people out, mainly those meant to do harm.  In this day and age it is hard to trust people and you must have a discerning eye.  My circle has been evaluated, and it seems that some key relationships are in need of emergency care.  So I will start there first.  I have work to do.

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