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July 29, 2010

The thoughts I write down are not those of a woman scorned, simply my experiences.

Don’t misinterpret my pain.

Heart is always open to something, someone new.

Not holding my past against you,

Just recognize the things I been through.

Hard to stay with a man that doesn’t appreciate those things.

When you come along I wonder is this something new going to be true.

Not wanting to live a life full of painful relationships.

Looking for that one, that can bring the twinkle back to my eyes.

Never can I compare you to him, or them.

I can only see the man in front of me.

Frequently that man is a mirage, with an unknown motive to destroy me.

Why do I have to write in my diary the pain caused at the hands of a black man.

Originally designed to love me, befriend me, and grow with me.

Now only to take, abuse, and destroy.

Looking forward to a better future,

With or without you.

That’s what I write in my diary.

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