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Back in Business

July 17, 2010

Still have not gotten my life back in order, but please believe me the change is here and it is now.  Something about being violated; it takes a while to truly heal.  This 2010 year has been quite interesting and full of challenges.  I realize the devil has been busy, tap dancing on my shoulders.  I had to stop before I let him beat me down.  Get thee behind me satan.  You have no power over me.  I see you and your evil minions.  Yahweh has power over my soul and is directing my life according to his plan.  My entire way of thinking has been changed.  Seeing things through new eyes and a renewed spirit.

Was shaken off the path to my dreams and destiny, however I know what is important to me and those are the things that I am focusing on.

  • My Daughter – Kaylah
  • Being a college student – a dream that I am living!!!
  • Working on my books
  • Creating a talk show/blog show
  • Building my credit
  • Focusing on my artwork
  • Evolving as a person

It is good to have access to a computer at home again.  I am free to write, create, and explore.  WordPress I am back.  There are so many wonderful blogs to read!!

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