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In Times of Adversity

February 2, 2010

In times of adversity you will learn the truth, the hard truth

seeing what friends come to your side and the ones that fall away

listening to others opinions about what you shoulda did

sometimes i just want to scream “fuck the world”

then i just retreat to my mind the only place safe from those wishing me harm

wanting an ear or shoulder or hand to help ease the hurt

even if only for a little while

in times of adversity you’ll learn about the love or lack there of that surrounds you

finding your inner strength, faith, foundation

In times of adversity you have to look within

what i have learned is you usually walk through the fire alone

i pray this time i come out the same person i was before

mornings i look in the mirror at my tear stained eyes

trying to wash away the pain from the night before

forcing yesterday away

praying for peace, strength and wisdom, and courage

adversity has taught me to stand on my own, not extend my hand

sit in silence to meditate and plan

futile attempts to calm my minds raging thoughts

fighting the urge to cry, though it seems tears will fall with no reason at all

forcing myself to cry so i don’t bottle everything inside

the pressure is building

in times of adversity what do you do

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  1. February 5, 2010 3:33 pm

    Love this piece. I can feel your every line, each sentiment expressed.

    I’ve been there, so I clearly understand what the old heads meant by: adversity will make or break you.

    A person definitely has to look within in order to avoid being and remaining broken.

    Good stuff.

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