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Can I Keep Going??

February 2, 2010

Where to begin….the twists and turns of life have gotten me again, taking things to another level.  Things have been on a hiatus as far as writing goes.  Work is getting harder and harder to deal with on a daily basis, throw in the situation with my little girl and I am at my wits end.  Honestly I don’t know how the hell I am making it on a daily basis…sober at that.

I so feel like just throwing in the towel.  Right when things seem to be going well here comes another obstacle.  However what would life be with out them.  I recognize the strength in me now and that is what I am working with.  My job honestly is SUPER STRESSFUL AND FRUSTRATING.  Seeing that the CEO makes 3.2 million a year, and our benefits and pay suck, but I definitely need my job so I gotta go to work.

I have not been sleeping good, been stressing, hair breaking off, losing weight, I need to get away.  I miss my baby girl and am lonely out here.  I know its going to be ok though.  Just gotta keep my head held high and remember what is important to me and that is my little girl and our future.

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