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So Apparently I Have a ‘Stank’ Attitude

December 14, 2009

So apparently I have a ‘stank’ attitude. My life long best friend told me this on Friday. I have always been a quiet person, until I get to know someone or am comfortable in my surroundings. I usually have trouble making friends and am excluded from the ‘clique’ but the friends that I do make are usually long time, really close relationships. Anyway back to me and my attitude. I asked a couple different people if they thought upon first impression or overall if I had a bad attitude and for the most part they said Yes!! Honestly I had no idea. My BFF also told me that I give people screw faces and look at them kind of with my nose turned up. I had no idea I came across this way to others. One of the main reasons for me asking was that a co-worker was fired for having a bad attitude and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t coming across as that type of person.

The other reason for me asking was that my ‘friend’ said I had a bad attitude too, and maybe I do. Maybe people should not be so judgmental before getting to know me or trying to assign what emotion/thoughts should be assigned to my facial expression. Overall I feel I am a friendly person. I am very guarded with my thoughts and emotions, so no I am not going to be one to share my everything with every one, that does not make me mean or attitudinal, just cautious in who I choose to deal with.

When it comes to relationships it is very hard for me to connect with males on that level, due to trust issues. On that note if they are truly interested in me they will be understanding of that. So I guess I will have a stank attitude to some and others will see the softer side of me.

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