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Mother’s Day Weekend

May 10, 2009

Well I just returned from a wonderful weekend at home. I really enjoyed myself and Mother’s Day for the first time in a very long time. My daughter made the cutest necklace and card for me. We spent the weekend together eating, dancing, and laughing. It as been more welcoming when I go home each time it gets even better. I am happy, that is the most important thing in the world for me to be happy. I even got to see mi amor!!! This weekend rocked. I got so many text messages wishing me a happy day. I was taken how many people cared enough about me to wish me a happy day.

I got back home in time to still get a few things done around the house, although I am sitting here blogging instead. I see how much I have grown from the hell I went though these last few years, and I also see how much I have changed from the stress-free, care-free me I used to be. I am getting back to myself more and more as days go by. I have so much to be thankful for and proud of that I didn’t quite realize.

2009 IS MY YEAR!! Everything is flowing so smoothly. Kaylah and I are bonding and I feel so secure that in due time all will be completely right…in regards to the situation with her dad. I am working and living exactly where I had wanted to be in the first place. I am bridging the gap with my family little by little. I think it will be a lot better once I go out of town with my Mom at the end of the month. I am really looking forward to going back to Brooklyn to visit my Grandmother and the rest of the family. I haven’t seen my GMa in almost 4 years and I really do want to see her and talk to her. I want to tell her everything that has been going on with me and let her know that I love her. The other aspect of my life is Mr. Brown…it amazes me that things are almost cohesive between us again. He said we had a perfect relationship before…I didn’t even realize that he felt like that. Things were perfect between us, but now they will be more than perfect because I know what went wrong and how to avoid that. All I need is a green light and I’m on it hard. He knows what it is with me, I just want him to see the greatness that I see when I am with him. I know together we would be damn unstoppable, he has such focus and drive and discipline.

Anyway everyone is sick of hearing me talk about him…as for myself I am working on getting in shape. Over the last month I have picked up some extra weight. I am happy with my shape and size, I just know that once I tone up a few areas, I will be pretty damn smokin!!! LMAO it’s true though. Plus looking at how sexy and cut…never mind anyway umm..yeah I’m about to get my weight down like 10lbs, and tone it up.

I can not wait until Friday it’s my Mommy and Mi Amor Birthday’s I want to do something special for both of them. I am pretty sure that Mi Amor will be out with the boys, but I’m gonna have my time too. I really want to take a little trip with him and just cater to him. Have some good music, drinks, incense, food, movies…throw in a jacuzzi and just have a ball. That is gonna come in due time though. I just want to include him in everything and show him that I am here for him and I care so much.

How did I get back on the subject of him again. Anyway let me go find something else to do!! I had a great weekend and am looking forward to many, many more.

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