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Bring It Back

March 15, 2009

Wow I had a moment there for a minute. I spoke to my family that was no help and then my special guy said he was out and may not get back to me. Then my mind started spinning. I wanted to go home, but I can’t there is too much at stake.

I called my girl and she was the voice of reason for me. Number one I need to stay where I am. Number tow tell dude how I feel. I can’t be with anyone if I have a guard up. I need to forget about how I feel and what I think the other person may think. And most importantly…I need to pray, pray, pray and stay focused on the main goals in my life.

I had to bring things back. I talked to too many people. I began to question and second guess myself. I forgot that I am not alone out here. Well that’s it for now. I am ok and doing the right thing.

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