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I Don’t See the ‘Best’ Buy or the ‘Super’ Walmart

February 23, 2011

I purchased a very nice HP laptop last year, that was a little over $1,000.  That laptop was stolen when my house was broken into.  My sister reluctantly let me use her already worn out Dell.  The way this laptop was designed the monitor breaks away from the base of the keyboard.   Lucky me this happens and of course its my fault because this was in perfect condition when I got it.

Food for thought: if you give someone something damaged, it is either going to remain in the same condition, or the condition is going to get worse because it is already damaged….that is an entirely different story…people I tell ya!

My mother has one just like it and her’s did the same thing.  Anyway I had been shopping around for laptops.  I wanted to get another top of the line laptop like I had before, but decided to get a decent, reasonably priced laptop for now.  There are so many laptops, processors, RAM, GB….the options are endless.  I am not too much into technical details, so sorry I am missing the details of the laptops, if I get a chance I will definitely add it!!

I set a limit to find something under $400 that has a webcam, built-in mic, and a full keyboard and at least 320 GB hard drive, with a processor that will surely handle lots of internet usage and a little music also.  That was fairly easy.  I researched laptops and found Toshiba, Acer, and Gateway had what I was looking for.  The prices ranged from $352, which I saw online at Wal-Mart.  This was my FIRST attempt to purchase.   I called the Wal-Mart to make sure it was in stock before driving to the store.  I called the phone rang for 10 mins while I waited for someone in electronics to answer.  I hang up called again, was placed on hold for 17 minutes.  As I continued to hold I drive to the store.  Not only was there no one in the department, they had the laptop and the price was higher than online.  A wasted trip.  What irks me is that my questions could have easily been answered had someone responded to my call.  I took a deep breath and said it’s ok.  They just don’t get my money!  Ha to You!!! one of my favorite electronics stores.  Has laptops and deals galore, my issue with them is they didn’t have a good deal for the lower prices.  They took me a little over my budget so I decided to keep looking around. (I will more than likely purchase from them given my recent experience)

So I did some more searching, checked out Ebay and Amazon.  A friend of mine purchased their laptop from someone on Ebay.   I am not that familiar with Ebay yet *gasp* for purchasing a laptop, I’m not sure how safe I would feel.  I do plan on getting more familiar with the world of Ebay.  So called, “Best Buy” turns out to have had some really great deals.

After debating I go to the store Saturday about 6:45pm in the evening.  I was literally in the store and had not been helped for AT LEAST 30 mins.  Granted they were busy, but really….30 minutes of standing in front of the same laptop and walking the area scoping for a Blue shirt.  Finally, I catch a guy who was just about to skate off, I literally had to jump in his way.  He was gonna walk right on by…WTF.  He tells me the laptop I want which was 349.99 **awesome price and had EVERYTHING I WANTED** not in-stock, well he wasn’t sure.  I said well can we see if the other store has it and if not…how about this one it was another Gateway, just a step up from the other model with a faster processor for $100 more.  He goes to “check” I wait and wait.  Another Blue shirt approaches me were you ‘the one’ (I am the chosen one…is that how we talk to customers now…SMDH)

looking for the laptop its not in stock.   I asked did the other store have it, and if not then I want this one, pointing to the higher priced laptop.  This Blue shirt (i typed shit by accident…I wonder if it was meant to be there…lol) disappears and does not come back.  I waited another 20 mins…and just left!!!  They will not get my dollars either.

I thought about finding a manager and complaining, but no.  I will take my money somewhere else where I can be serviced. I should not have to complain to be treated like a customer.  I don’t care how busy it is.  You should be adequately staffed.  I was not asking questions trying to make a decision.  I needed to know what was available so I could:

A.  Drive 40 minutes to the Burlington store to get the $349.99 laptop

B.  Spend an extra $100 and get the Gateway with the faster processor

Needless to say I am still shopping for a laptop, given my previous experiences I think I will just wait and get the laptop I want with all the bells and whistles.  I’m thinking either Toshiba, Acer, or Samsung as manufactures…possibly HP.


Living for me = Growth

February 17, 2011

It has been a good while since I have last posted so many things have changed.   I’m working towards my Bachelor’s degree.  I will have one year out of the way in the summer.  I have a job that is drama free…for the most part.  I quit smoking yay me!! I am exercising and in fact am sore, but feeling great from my workout today.  The changes I have been writing about are happening.  The forces within me are driving me forward and I Refuse to stop.  I found the value in the experiences and know they don’t make me and they damn sure didn’t break me.  So with that being said I am living for me!

Creative Energy

August 19, 2010

I have been in a slump for quite sometime.  I have not painted, wrote, drawn, or even read anything in a while now.  I feel like I am outside myself.  Somehow my energy has been sucked out of me.  I feel as if my spirit is dying.  I have had so much pain and loss lately I don’t even know what I feel.  Not being able to connect with myself I can’t begin to express myself artistically.  I feel as though I am suffering, but also that creating will ease my pain, yet I still can not pick up a pastel, a brush, a canvas anything.  I have been stuck in this place and need to get out.  Going back over things looking for a way to revitalize my life spirit.  This is no way to live, life should be lived, not stuck.  I don’t feel that internal fire burning inside me anymore and that is what hurts the most.  The outside world can not hurt you when you are truly living.  I need to live again.  I need energy to flow through me.  I need to create something, anything.  Even writing this I don’t feel creative.  I am just writing what I have to say, without anyone to listen.  What happened to my dreams of owning my own art gallery, creating greeting cards, writing stories…where is my creative energy.  Where am I?

A Good Morning

August 12, 2010

This morning I realized the nightmare was over.

I am alive, through it all.

I am awake, and able.

So much to be thankful and grateful for!!

I am having a mental block.  Not able to think outside the box, haven’t been writing, painting, creating, let’s face it I haven’t been doing or thinking.  I have been stuck in the place, only realizing it now.  First,it is a good thing that I see it; now what to do about it.  Looking at the aftermath of the most recent downfall, where does the clean up begin?

I see I have work to do.  It is imperative to keep people out, mainly those meant to do harm.  In this day and age it is hard to trust people and you must have a discerning eye.  My circle has been evaluated, and it seems that some key relationships are in need of emergency care.  So I will start there first.  I have work to do.


July 29, 2010

The thoughts I write down are not those of a woman scorned, simply my experiences.

Don’t misinterpret my pain.

Heart is always open to something, someone new.

Not holding my past against you,

Just recognize the things I been through.

Hard to stay with a man that doesn’t appreciate those things.

When you come along I wonder is this something new going to be true.

Not wanting to live a life full of painful relationships.

Looking for that one, that can bring the twinkle back to my eyes.

Never can I compare you to him, or them.

I can only see the man in front of me.

Frequently that man is a mirage, with an unknown motive to destroy me.

Why do I have to write in my diary the pain caused at the hands of a black man.

Originally designed to love me, befriend me, and grow with me.

Now only to take, abuse, and destroy.

Looking forward to a better future,

With or without you.

That’s what I write in my diary.

Back in Business

July 17, 2010

Still have not gotten my life back in order, but please believe me the change is here and it is now.  Something about being violated; it takes a while to truly heal.  This 2010 year has been quite interesting and full of challenges.  I realize the devil has been busy, tap dancing on my shoulders.  I had to stop before I let him beat me down.  Get thee behind me satan.  You have no power over me.  I see you and your evil minions.  Yahweh has power over my soul and is directing my life according to his plan.  My entire way of thinking has been changed.  Seeing things through new eyes and a renewed spirit.

Was shaken off the path to my dreams and destiny, however I know what is important to me and those are the things that I am focusing on.

  • My Daughter – Kaylah
  • Being a college student – a dream that I am living!!!
  • Working on my books
  • Creating a talk show/blog show
  • Building my credit
  • Focusing on my artwork
  • Evolving as a person

It is good to have access to a computer at home again.  I am free to write, create, and explore.  WordPress I am back.  There are so many wonderful blogs to read!!

Aren’t We Low on Oil Supply?

June 10, 2010

Funny how just a few years ago there was an oil shortage, we weren’t sure how the oil supply was going to last and gas prices began to soar.  Now that BP has gallons of oil leaking into the ocean, gas prices are dropping.

Things that make you wonder…